The station’s primary show, Balikbayan Bar, is a quarterly online concert, starting this March 2018, where premier OPM artists play their greatest hits, giving our OFW community a surge of nostalgia from good Filipino music.

As far as history can tell, Filipinos have been living in foreign lands to help their families. Some stay abroad while many still go back to the Philippines as balikbayans to recollect and relive memories of their home country.

While Original Pinoy Music (OPM), on the other hand, has been going strong ever since music has been written, made, and performed by passionate Filipino artists. Their music is all full of life and culture in the Philippines that showcase Filipino genuine talent.

Taking advantage of the progress in technology and the Internet, Balikbayan Bar aims to present OPM for Filipino on a new digital platform.

With Balikbayan Bar, we’re transporting Filipinos back to the home through the power of music. More than just providing quality groundbreaking entertainment, we aim to bring together Filipinos around the world in the name of unity and Bayanihan.