A portion of the Balikbayan Bar proceeds will go to TACLOB, a livelihood program dedicated to providing valuable life skills and opportunities to communities in Marawi.

What is TACLOB?

A flagship social enterprise established on January 9, 2014, in order to help Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims. They have provided livelihood to natural-disaster survivors, promoted disaster-preparedness and upcycling.

What do they do?

The organization aims to equip and empower communities against natural disasters and emergencies. Some of the projects they implemented include employing Yolanda survivors who create schoolbags for child survivors.

How are we helping them?

Currently, Taclob is helping out the victims of Marawi by providing a livelihood program which helps various communities in Marawi gain valuable life skills and opportunities for their growth and earn income for their families.

Each ticket you buy helps one person in Marawi. By buying bulk tickets, you can help to as much as 3 people rebuild their lives and provide 4 kids to go to school.